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Tailor Upholsterer

Job Category:

Hospitality Management/Food/Beverage/Restaurant Service

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Saudi Arabia

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Job Description and Qualification:

1)      Using power and hand tools, apply and install batting, foam, poly-filler and cut fabric to furniture.

2)      Attach finishes, including buttons, trim, tassels and other decorative accessories according to specifications.

3)      Measure and cut fabric or leather pieces with the aid of patterns or stencils and industrial cutting tools to precise sizes and dimensions.

4)      Inspect wooden framework for defects and make repairs as needed prior to upholstery application and other finish work.

5)      Operate portable hand-sewing equipment, nail guns, hobnail and tack hammers, hot-knife cutters and other trade equipment.

6)      Repair furniture frames and refinish exposed wood.

7)      Sew rips or tears in material, or create tufting, using needles and thread.