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Skilled Meat Worker (Pork)

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  • Minimum of 2 years experience as a Skilled Meat Worker at a medium/ large scale pork meat processing facility/ abattoir (e.g. Slaughterhouse)
  • Preferably a college graduate of a related course
  • If not a college graduate, must have a VALID IELTS certificate (overall band score of 5.0 with no minimum score for each of the 4 test parts) or PTE certificate (overall band score of 36 with no minimum score for each of the 4 test parts)
  • Must pass the Skills Assessment for the Australian Certificate III in Meat Processing
  • Competitive salary and benefits await successful candidates
  • Successful candidates can apply for Permanent Residence after completion of 3 years


  • Stuns and kills livestock;
  • Prepares carcasses for further processing by removing internal organs and hides;
  • Operates switching controls to direct and drop carcasses and meat cuts from supply rails to boning tables;
  • Cuts meat to separate meat, fat, and tissue from around bones;
  • Washes, scrapes, and trims foreign material and blood from meat;
  • Cuts sides and quarters of meat into standard meat cuts, such as rumps, flanks, and shoulders, and
  • Removes internal fat, blood clots, bruises, and other matter to prepare them for packing and marketing;
  • Operates restrainer and stunning equipment;
  • Severs jugular veins of stunned animals to drain blood and facilitate dressing;
  • Trims and removes head meat and severs animal heads;
  • Slits open, eviscerates and trims animal carcasses; and
  • May slaughter livestock according to procedures required by religious customs.


  • Employees with knife skills who perform work such as but not limited to head meat removal, trimming carcases, trimming meat cuts.
  • Performs all tasks as required within zone and competency level.
  • Trimming means trimming primal cuts of meat and/or other cuts/portions as designated to specification by removing defects such as but not limited to bone chips, glands, hair, excess fat, sinew, and cartilage.