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Senior IT Engineer - TOKYO, JAPAN

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Information Tech

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Job Description and Qualification:

Be a part of Japan's biggest e-commerce company! 

We are looking for Senior IT Engineers who will be deployed to Japan to work under the company's division of their choice:

1. Commerce company - providers of shopping, leisure, and lifestyle services to make daily life more convenient and enjoyable
2. Media & Sports Company - providers of digital content, including video distribution and eBooks, online media, and marketing solution services, in addition to operating the sports businesses
3. Investment & Incubation Company - managers of domestic and overseas corporate capital investment businesses and leads the development and provision of new services
4. Communication & Energy Company - providers of communication services, including mobile telecommunications (MNO and MVNO), and energy solutions 
5. Fintech Group Company (requires Japanese speaking skills) - providers of Fintech services, including the credit card and other payment services, the loyalty points program, internet banking, securities trading and insurance. 

To be eligible to apply, the applicant MUST HAVE AT LEAST 5 YEARS of experience in Java, PHP, Python and C. 

You have an advantage if you are: 
  1. Experienced in (Business and System) Ad Technology 
  2. Experienced in operating Ad Products (DSP, SSP, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.)
  3. Experienced in Middleware verification and introduction 
  4. Liaising with product development 
  5. Highly knowledgeable in Public Cloud Operation, Design and Construction 

No Japanese communication skills required (except for Fintech) 

Successful applicants may enjoy the following perks: 

1. Bi-annual performance bonus
2. Bi-annual salary increase 
3. 10 Days annual leave, increasing by 1 day per year
4. Transportation allowance of up to 50,000 JPY (depending on the location)
5. Fixed OT allowance equal to 40 hours of additional pay 
5. Access to the company's fitness club and in-house cafe
6. Training programs (Japanese lessons, cross-cultural training, Global Experience Program) 
7. Opportunity to work in Japan