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Sawmill Labourer (Armand Duhamel & Fils)

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Client Overview:

Armand Duhamel & Fils is a family business that specializes in the production of wood posts and beams. Our team is composed of 50 persons who work on two shifts. We offer a stimulating environment in which individuals that desire so can push their limits and develop new skills.

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Job Description and Qualification:

By his work ethic, the Sawmill Laborer is an important part of our operations team. He accomplishes various tasks that could include but not limited to:
  • Piling and stacking lumber on the green chain (conveyor at the exit of the mill)
  • Sorting boards in the lumber yard (regrouping boards in bundles in regards to their lengths)
  • Carriage outfeed assistant (helping both the resaw sawyer and the carriage sawyer in their work in a way to minimize time loss)
  • Edger operator (removes the live edges from the boards and planks using a semi-automated machine)
  • Trimmer operator (gives the final lengths to our products in regards to quality and maximum yield)
  • Resaw operator (feed and position the linebar resaw)
  • Debarker operator (maintain, adjust and feed the debarkers)
  • An operator at the second transformation workshop (moulder, planer, resaw operation)
  • Preparing orders in the lumberyard.
  • The person interested in this position must have physical endurance and strength (capacity to lift weights up to 100 lbs) (capacity to work at a fast pace)