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SEM Manufacturing Technician

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United Kingdom

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Job Description and Qualification:

Job Summary:

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

· Ability to operate SEM independently without additional assistance

· Perform in-line analysis of WIP using and provide disposition per documented specifications

· Perform sample analysis to qualify wafer process tooling

· Conduct MES transactions to record work completed and movement of WIP

· Communicate and interact with engineering to perform non-standard SEM analysis

· Participate and certify for ERT (emergency response team)

· Ability to provide process training to coworkers using hands-on demonstration

Working Conditions

· Compressed work week: D Shift 5:00PM-5:00AM; 3-day/4-day (Wednesday to Friday, Every other Saturday)

· Ability to use microscope

· Work in a class 1000 clean room for extended periods

· Wear clean room attire (masks, bunny suit/smock, PPE’s, etc.)

· Work with and/or around chemicals (such as solids and acids)

Skills & Qualifications

· High School diploma or equivalent

· At least 2 years of working experience in a high-tech manufacturing environment is required

· Ability to speak, read, write, and comprehend English required

· Integrity and self-motivated

· Ability to work in fast paced team and independent setting all within a clean room

· Knowledge of machining, construction, electrical useful

Physical Requirements

· Able to stand for duration of shift when needed

Safety Requirements

· All employees are required to follow the site EHS procedures and II-VI Corporate EHS standards.

Quality and Environmental Responsibilities

Depending on location, this position may be responsible for the execution and maintenance of the ISO 9000, 9001, 14001 and/or other applicable standards that may apply to the relevant roles and responsibilities within the Quality Management System and Environmental Management System.