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Production Manager

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General Management

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Papua New Guinea

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Client Overview:

Farmset Limited is a 100% Papua New Guinean owned company, specialising in providing quality agricultural products and services to the primary sector in Papua New Guinea and the South West Pacific. Farmset’s operations began in 1969 with the formation of the Farmers’ and Settlers’ Cooperative in the New Guinea highlands. Incorporated in 1977, Farmset has experienced a steady growth and is now firmly established as the leading agricultural supplier in the country. With branches located in Goroka, Kainantu, Mount Hagen, Lae, Rabaul, Kokopo, Madang, Port Moresby, Kimbe, and Honiara (Solomon Islands), our 200 staff maintain this distribution network which covers all of Papua New Guinea and beyond to the south-west Pacific

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Job Description and Qualification:

Key Result Areas and Responsibilities 

1. Manage Feed Mill Production & Delivery Activities 
a. Achieve production targets and closely monitors delivery schedules
b. Ensures production are documented appropriately and delivery dockets are properly processed
c. Working closely with nutritionist and related vendors to ensure high quality, cost effective and value-added feed products 
d. Understanding and ensuring compliance with all transportation, environmental and feed production regulations and policies 
e. Managing and maintaining an adequate yet cost effective mixing ingredients and supplement inventory 
f. Maintaining all required records and documentation related to production, ingredients/supplement usage and feed delivery transportation 

2. Manage the Stock Management Processes 
a. Conduct regular Audits of Stock and maintain up-to-date records (Applies first produce-first out process)
b. Ensure proper and standard stocking procedures 
c. Conduct timely Stock Counts d. Coordinate and liaise with Feed-mill Manager to order stock ingredients 

3. Responsible for the Financial Controls/Management of the production 
a. Monitor budgets in consultation with Feed-mill/Regional Manager and produce necessary reports 
b. Monitor controllable production expenses and produce reports as required. 
c. Preparing and monitoring all feed production/transportation related budgeting and financial controls 

4. Produce Reports as required 
a. Collate production data and produce reports as required.
b. Undertake stock production audits and variances and produce monthly reports 
c. Produce Production Development Reports to Feed-mill Manager/Regional Manager as requested Page 3 of 4 13/12/2021 

5. Responsible for Asset Management & Security (Property and Equipment) 
a. Ensure all company assets (production machineries) are maintained properly 
b. Coordinating and monitoring all feed production equipment, facility and truck maintenance and repairs. 
c. Ensures that the Feed Mill is well secured at all times 

6. Supervise and develop staff across the Production personnel 
a. Supervise production and maintenance staff.
b. Ensure the development and review of effective processes and procedures for production and maintenance staff 
c. Conduct regular staff meetings 
d. Undertake performance reviews for production staff 
e. Recommend recruitment of new/replacement of production staff as required 

7. Ensure Safe Work Practices are adhered to 
a. Developing and evaluating the efficiency of all related standard operating procedures and training regimens
b. Performing all other activities and responsibilities as defined by management 

Key Selection Criteria 

1. Qualifications and Experience 
a. Experience and Management in Stock-feed Mill Production is a must. 
b. A Bachelor’s Degree is a must 
c. A related degree/experience to the position is an advantage 
d. Certificate of trainings such as Supply Chain Management, or any production related is an advantage. 
e. Exemplary attention to detail, leadership, organizational, multi-tasking, problem solving, interpersonal, communication and analytical skills '

2. Skills 
a. General computer skills
b. Interpersonal Skills: Production Manager must be able to speak with employees, other Department Managers and Senior Management. 
c. Leadership Skills: Must be able to motivate employees to keep operations running smoothly. 
d. Problem-Solving Skills: Must be able to quickly ascertain a situation and be decisive in solving it, such as identifying defects in the production line. 
e. Time Management: Must face production deadlines, shipping dates and more and must manage time accordingly. Page 4 of 4 13/12/2021 

3. Attributes 
a. Capacity to work within a team or independently if required 
b. Ability to show initiative and be self-motivated 
c. Capacity to problem solve and multi-task 

Other Job Related Information 
1. Travel may be required to attend meetings and other company activities within the country. 
2. Normal work days are Monday to Saturday and occasionally on Sunday/Holidays if required.
3. Production Manager is required to be on-call, particularly at peak times. 
4. Possession of a driver’s license is desirable.


USD 2,000.00