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Plantation Manager

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Papua New Guinea

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To maximize plantation productivity and efficiency in relation to land preparation, planting, fertilization, pests and weeds control and harvesting.



  • Conduct researches for any new methods and procedures applicable for adaption in the operation to attain greater production and higher income results for the plantation.
  • Conduct soil analysis, identify arable area for plantation, determine target area to be cultivated and prepare requirements list of materials and equipment for the cropping season.
  • Supervise the selection of suitable grains and other crops to be planted every change of season.
  • Ensure that cultivating, planting, growing, and harvesting of crops are carried out in accordance with the master plan developed for the current cropping season.
  • Coordinate with Farm Manager / Feed mill Manager for the accommodation and proper costing of produce for piggery or beef herd consumption or re-sale.
  • Liaise with the Financial Controller and subordinates for any goods requirement and acquisition and assist in verification of expenditures due for payment.
  • Prepare monthly reports of accomplishments or whatever problems encountered in the operation and submit recommendations to the General Manager.
  • Ensure all machinery and equipment in the department are well maintained and report to the Workshop Manager any breakdown and repairs requisition.
  • Coordinate with the General Manager to conduct seminars to national understudies on the ways and methods to be applied to planting and harvesting of crops.
  • Implement rules and regulations established by the Farm Manager.
  • Evaluate development of national understudies and recommend for promotion.
  • Carry out other relevant duties as required by the Management Committee.



·         Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, major in Agronomy or its equivalent.

·         Technical know-how of modern plantation procedures and farm machinery and equipment operation and maintenance.

·         Capable of operating farm tractors and machineries and equipment such as disc plow and harrow, planter and forage harvester.

·         Can drive vehicles and possess a valid driver’s license



·         Minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in the same field, including at least five (5) years at a responsible level.



·         In good physical and mental health and with excellent moral character.

·         Strong leadership qualities and management skills.

  • Must possess attributes of a “farmer” lifestyle wherein he can live and work effectively in a rural environment.