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Mould Maker

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Saudi Arabia

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Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Make ceramic articles such as sanitary wares by pressing moist clay by hand in moulds, and moulding it to desired shape or form
2. Fill the moulds with the porcelain slurry and ensures that the raw materials get into every nook and cranny of the mould.
3. Pressing clay firmly into mould by hand, with mallet or by means of ramming tool to pack mould uniformly
4. Adjust equipment to ensure optimal performance.
5. Applying thin coating of oil or clay dust or both inside mould to prevent moist clay sticking to surface when filled.
6. Allowing clay to remain in mould for short time to dry and shrink slightly.
7. Removing semi-dry ware from mould and placing it in drying chamber, after checking defects, to form a shape.
8. Scraping off projecting clay with sharp instrument to give moulded article smooth edges.
9. Mix and apply glazes to pottery pieces, using tools, such as spray guns.
10. Operate heating or drying equipment.
11. Places finished and decorated pieces in kilns
12. Apply protective or decorative finishes to workpieces or products.
13. Reporting breakdown or any minor problems on the machines to the Production Supervisor
14. Complies with all company safety rules and procedures and maintaining a tidy work environment.
15. Other duties as assigned by the Maintenance Supervisor.