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Merchandising Supervisor

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Saudi Arabia

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Job Description and Qualification:

• Manage a team of Merchandisers, Shelf Stacker and Promoters across the company's customer base at Branch Level. 
• Provide strategic direction and leadership to the Merchandising team to support the company's brand strategy.
• Competitor analysis; and return on investment of company's assets [coolers].
• Train, develop and guide the company's Merchandising Team within the Branch, in order to provide acceptable Corporate Trade Standards across the company's customer base at Branch Level. 

Principal Responsibilities: % Time

To ensure that all company's Merchandising Directives are being adhered to, and to monitor company's planograms, and initiate improvements if required. 25%

Make available an updated list of all outlets to be visited by his Merchandising Team, the names of the Merchandisers visiting these outlets, their call cycles, and Compliance thereof. 20%

To monitor the productivity levels of the Merchandising Team by reviewing the Merchandiser Control sheets, as well as Sales and Expiry reports for individual outlets. 15%

Complete Market Intelligence Reports, daily and weekly, and to ensure that this Information is communicated to the Branch Manager, and the National Merchandising Manager to enable the company to keep abreast of competitor activity. 10%

Schedule and chair daily meetings with the merchandising team to discuss, merchandising, sales promotion, administration, and people issues. 10%

Should be aware of all ongoing and forthcoming promotional activities and to plan accordingly to ensure successful implementation, execution, and follow up. 5%

Maintain a record of all Point of Sale material allocated to the Branch, ensure the correct usage thereof, and replenish when required. 5%

Ensure compliance with company's Brand initiatives by upholding all vehicle and uniform standards. 5%

Initiate, arrange and monitor regular tasting and sampling sessions. 5%