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Mechanical Technician

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Saudi Arabia

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Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Work in various areas of the plant including milling and slip preparation, casting, greenware, glazing, kiln and final inspection and packing.
2. Reading and interpreting engineering blueprints.
3. Installing new production equipment.
4. Servicing and maintaining equipment including motors, conveyor systems, transmission systems, and production-related equipment.
5. Inspecting and assessing the functionality of production machines.
6. Troubleshooting mechanical breakdowns.
7. Adjusting mechanical parts using hand and machine tools.
8. Fabricating parts for repairs and machine upgrades.
9. Conducting routine maintenance and safety checks. Clean, lubricate, and adjust parts, equipment, and machinery.
10. Preparing and submitting maintenance reports.
11. Cut and weld metal to repair broken metal parts, fabricate new parts, and assemble new equipment.
12. Demonstrate equipment functions and features to machine operators.
13. Record parts and materials used, and order or requisition new parts and materials as necessary.
14. Collaborates with other workers in the repair or removal of machines, machine parts, or equipment using hand tools and power tools, and reassembly of equipment.
15. Reporting breakdown or any minor problems on the machines to the Maintenance Supervisor
16. Complies with all company safety rules and procedures and maintaining a tidy work environment.
17. Other duties as assigned by the Maintenance Supervisor.