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Maintenance Planner

Job Category:

Administration / Corporate Services

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Papua New Guinea

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Job Description and Qualification:

Position Purpose:
Being responsible for the installation, maintenance or servicing of company buildings, warehouses, stores, equipment and other company resources is the job of a Maintenance Planner.

a. Tertiary Education or advance diploma. 
b. Electrical related degree or advance diploma is preferred.
c. Minimum of 5-year experience in a related environment. 
d. Electrical related experience is preferred.

Key Result Areas and Responsibilities
1. Assess the current condition of electrical, air conditioning, plumbing and other essential facilities and equipment. 
2. Maintain accurate records of the condition of the equipment and other systems facilities. 
3. Create a schedule of regular evaluation of the facilities. 
4. Participate in the development of policies and procedures that affect the use of supplies and facilities. 
5. Ensure that all the equipment and other facilities are working properly. 
6. Create monitoring systems or programs in the organisation to detect problems as early as possible. 
7. Initiate interventions to solve problems in the facilities. 
8. Develop a system for cleaning, repair and maintenance of facilities. 
9. Develop back-up or alternative systems for common problems such a power shortage. 
10.Ensure the safety of the building or establishment from fire, flood and other hazards and initiate an active campaign on safety measures. 11.Recruiting facilities service staff and training them appropriately to ensure competent work output. 
12.Participate in preparing the budget and so that the facilities maintenance team will have adequate funds for its operation. 
13.Educate the workers of the establishment on the proper use and care of its equipment and other facilities. 
14.Coordinate with the upper management on work issues.