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Linesman Erector

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United Kingdom

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Job Description and Qualification:

Experience: To qualify as a Linesman Erector you should have the following experience:

:● A minimum of 4 years working experience within the HV OHL industry
 ● Have a good and thorough understanding of basic tower rigging and erection procedures. 
 ● A common knowledge of working equipment and tools relating to HV transmission systems 
 ● Solid experience with the application and removal of drain earthing schemes 
 ● A thorough knowledge of safe working at height. 
 ● Ability to read, understand and apply Construction Work Instructions (CWI) appropriate to the task at hand. 
 ● Capable of organising the Working Party and supervision of the same as and when required by the Competent  Person CP to deliver the task in hand. 

Authorisations and certification: 

 ● First Aid 
 ● Manual Handling 
 ● National Grid NSI 4 – Persons 
 ● Basic Electrical Safety Certification 
 ● Tower Rescue 
 ● Front and Rear Winch Tractor 
 ● Drug and alcohol test 
 ● Driving license