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Industrial Automation Technician (NU-B)

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Client Overview:

NU-B Inc. is an innovative Quebec company that uses recycled materials for the manufacture (extrusion) of P.E.T. plastic rolls. Nu-B was founded in 2010 to promote: 
- the reuse of plastics 
- the reduction of food waste 
- the production of recycled and recyclable materials 
- the reduction of the environmental impact of food packaging 

NU-B has since experienced continued growth and now distributes its products throughout Canada and the United States. As the quality of its products, our collective environment, and our food safety are at the heart of nu-b’s priorities and values, we maintain a clean, safe, and state of the art workplace at the cutting edge of technology. NU-B has been certified as Safe Quality Food (SQF) since 2014.

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Job Description and Qualification:

  • Reports to the Director of Operations
  • Manages the activities intended to optimize the use of equipment, technology, materials, resources and procedures to continually improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Responsible for installation and startup of new equipment
  • Performing preventive maintenance and ensuring proper functioning equipment
  • Overseeing process optimization
  • Respecting occupational health and safety regulations
  • Ensuring that the worksites are clean
  • Observe and implement total quality standards.