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I. S. Machine Operator

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Saudi Arabia

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Established in 1981, SAGCO began commercial production in 1985 with one 60-Ton-per-day capacity furnace. Today with thirteen production lines and five furnaces and a total capacity of 1000 metric tons of Flint, Green, and Amber Glass per day, SAGCO has a wide range of machines capable of producing a wide range of glass containers. Our belief that glass is class, drives our comprehensive quality assurance program which is based on a multi-tier resource and container inspection system employed by renowned container glass manufacturers worldwide. This ensures that high quality standards are met right from the glass composition to the finished glass container. SAGCO's pursuit to produce quality and food safe glass containers has won the confidence of many a major global brand around the world.

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  • Operates  the  forehearth,  feeder, IS Machine handling ware, annealing  lehr  and maintain   glass operations  24 hours  a  day
  • Performs  swabbing of  mold  equipment and monitor  alignment of  bottles  at  machine  conveyor,  cross   conveyor  and stacker
  • Conducts Bottle sampling  and  inspection
  • Identifies, Analyze  and  Correct  Bottle Defects
  • Provides feedback to Cold End Section  regarding  current operation’s  condition  that  affect  bottle  quality
  • Provides  feedback  to PSD (Production Services Dept)  regarding machine  and  equipment  condition
  • Provides  feedback  to MRM ( Mold Repair and Maintenance) regarding  mold  equipment  condition
  • Provides  feedback  to his  Team Leader  and  Engineers and Technicians  regarding  bottling   concerns  during his   shift
  • Provides  job change  activities  and   machine maintenance


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