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Healthcare / Science

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Saudi Arabia

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Job Description and Qualification:


• Sweep, vacuum, dust mop, wet mob, scrub, buff and burnish floors with special attention to tile grouting
• Steam clean upholstered furniture, sheers, curtains and rugs
• Dust mop and sponge wash different types of wall finishes with special attention to smudges and dirt marks
• Wash and disinfect wash basins, shower stalls, bathtubs, toilets, kitchen countertops and appliances
• Dust wipe furniture, light fixtures and furnishings; apply a solution of water and detergent and wipe with cleaning cloth as required
• Dust wipe fixtures and equipment such as air conditioning vent grills, fire extinguishers, electrical boxes, hand disinfectant dispensers, water coolers, etc.; apply a solution of water and detergent and wipe with cleaning cloth as required
Clean windows, mirrors and television screens with glass cleaning detergent and an appropriate clean cloth and/or squeegee
• Place and/or replace waste bin liners as required
• Prepare dirty bed linen and towels to be sent out for laundering
• Spray the appropriate amount air freshener as demonstrated by the lead man and/or supervisor
• Water indoor plants as scheduled
• Conduct weekly cleaning of fire extinguishers, alarms and entrance doors


• Two years of experience as a housekeeper, preferably with a four-to-five-star hotel, gated residential community, compound, medium-to-high-rise apartment complex, shopping mall, office complex, and/or a private hospital
• Housekeeping-related training certificates from an academic institution or a recognized organization are preferred
• Knowledge of cleaning tools, equipment, materials, detergents and chemicals
• Ability to work at height on aerial lifts
• English-speaking ability
• Ability to work outside of business hours, weekends and during holidays when the operation mandates
• Ability to work responsibly without supervision
• Attention to detail
• Good grooming standards and professional appearance