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Head of QA/QC

Job Category:

General Management

Job Level:


Open Date:



Saudi Arabia

Close date:


Client Industry:


Job Description and Qualification:

Job Purpose (Summary of major needs): 
Facilitate, monitor and control the plant maintenance ( carried out by contractor ) quality assurance procedures/policies

Duties and Responsibilities (Technical):

*Develop QA plans and other required process control procedures to insure maintenance processes meet the specified quality and HSEQ standards of Company. 
*Maintaining the Corrective Action program and other quality systems *Development and implementation of Quality, management System
*Coordinate and participate in internal audits with Company Quality personnel. 
*Conducting Quality Assurance investigations (Deviations, Out-of Specifications, etc.) 
*Reviewing maintenance process and ensuring that they are carried out in accordance with applicable Standard Operating Procedure(s) and work instructions *Liase with other departments on Quality Assurance issues 
*Carrying out other Quality Assurance functions as they may arise.
*Support contractor staff in its mission of compliance and continuous improvement 
*Ensure that all QA department personnel are trained to perform their jobs effectively and manage the QA departmental budget and other administrative functions to insure an efficient maintenance operation that is cost effective and well integrated

Special Requirements:

Strong technical understanding of Quality control and assurance Holding "NACE" Level 2 Strong knowledge in root cause analysis (RCA)

Education Degree: 
Bachelor’s degree 

Education Major: 
Engineering or equivalent

Minimum 10+year’s experience as a Quality controller position.