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Geriatric Nurse - Batch 12

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Healthcare / Science

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Job Description and Qualification:

Goals of the Job

The nursing principles of the facility are aligned with the task to enable the people in need of care to live their lives as independently, self-determined and dignified as possible. The biography of a person provides the background of all nursing actions.

The focus is placed on:

  • Promotion of quality of life
  • Help with the design of their lifestyles
  • Promotion of autonomy, preservation and redevelopment of the ability to act,nursing as capacity building
  • Holistic understanding of care (Integration of medical, nursing, psychological and social measures into a comprehensive concept activation and rehabilitation
  • Integrative living and caring activating group work and special support programs for patients suffering from memory and orientation disorder

Duties and Responsibilities
  • The registered nurse is responsible for the comprehensive support and care of the residents, with each residents’ liberty, dignity and individuality in mind.
  • Co-responsible for the realization of the facilities care concept (implementation of: care theory, care planning, care record, care process, care standards, assessment of care success).
  • Co-responsible for a proper verification management (records)
  • Compliance with the laws of occupational safety, fire prevention and hygiene
  • Implementation of medical, nursing, social and cultural care of the residents
  • Monitoring and promoting the residents' health
  • Implementation of all nursing activities and complying with the care standards
  • Help with the administration of food and drinks to the residents
  • Implementation of the doctors’ orders, administering medicines
  • Counseling and support of residents in meeting their personal needs.


  • At least 2 - 3 years experience in bedside care (hospital or other care institutions)
  • Good communication skills
  • Willing to be assigned in an elderly care institution/ home for the aged
  • Willing to study the German Language up to level B2 full time (Monday - Friday), FREE OF CHARGE