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Female Concierge

Job Category:

Hospitality Management/Food/Beverage/Restaurant Service

Job Level:


Open Date:



Saudi Arabia

Close date:


Client Industry:


Job Description and Qualification:

Position Details: 

Job Title: 

Concierge, AlTanfeethi Lounges 

Reports To: 

Assistant Manager, Airports Lounges 


In-Flight Catering 


In-Flight Catering 

Main Department: 

Airports Lounges 


Airports Lounges 



Job Purpose Statement: 

To ensure smooth and efficient daily operation activities in all areas of responsibilities.  

Roles & Responsibility 

  1. Implement all instructions & directives coming from Regional Manager / VP- Airports Lounges and ensure that all staff follows.  

  1. Follow the instructions from Immediate Superior, Supervisor.  

  1. Supervise and participate in the daily movement.  

  1. Always enhance the company image by giving above standard quality of service to all our valued customers as per the standard.  

  1. Must always apply and practice the Service Level Agreement & Standard Passenger Greetings 

  1. Assist all passenger inquiry with confidence, full knowledge, and professionalism.  

  1. Prepares Concierge Daily Reports on time i.e. Baggage Control Form, Giveaways control, Ironing Control Form, Shower Control Form and Shift Handover Report to be submitted on time to Admin Office.  

  1. To always give above standards service to all passengers 

  1. Responsible in ordering stationery of his concern and to report any deviation to Captain Waiter / Immediate Superior for further handling.  

  1. To deliver on time service to all passengers all throughout.  

  1. Responsible for lounge luggage service as per the procedure as applicable.  

  1. Responsible for lounge steam ironing service as per the procedure as applicable.  

  1. Responsible for lounge shower amenity service as per the procedure as applicable.  

  1. Responsible for lounge sky sales showroom as per the procedures as applicable.  

  1. Responsible in giving warm welcome to all incoming passengers.  

  1. Assist Supervisor, Receptionist and Captain Waiter whenever it is required.  

  1. To communicate directly to concern superior whenever it is required.  

  1. Ensure cleanliness in all areas of responsibility.  

  1. Must acknowledge and to keep record of newly ordered items.  

  1. Attend morning briefing with the Immediate Superior together with all lounge staff.  

  1. To follow standard of lost & found items with proper recording and signature.  

  1. To act and perform any other related duties assigned by Department Head / Central Lounge Manager.  

  1. To monitor the status of equipment’s from area of responsibility and report any malfunctioning to immediate supervisor for further handling.  

  1. Ensure correct ordering and stocking of shower amenities.  

  1. Ensure correct ordering and stocking of stationery.  

  1. always Ensure 100% hygiene results.  

  1. Promote standard of hygiene, safety and sanitation of the respective areas.  

  1. To follow personal hygiene standard.  

  1. Ensure full compliance of hygiene, quality and temperature control for all food items in line with Quality Assurance.  

  1. To participate in team department building activity, gatherings, party and meeting with all staff.  

  1. Train subordinates to do their own work well. Analyze their strength and weakness and help to develop them accordingly.  

  1. To increase staff productivity and raised their moral.  

  1. To attend any related training course within the department as required.  

  1. Encourage participation and create effort by maintaining a constructive attitude toward suggestion.  

  1. To have clear instruction and follow up whenever it is required.  

  1.  Supervise the area of operation by personal observation and analyze or records so that work is performed at minimum cost and with proper standard of quality and speed.  

  1. Keep self-updated on all developments within the company.  

  1. Suggest procedures or policy for the improvement to increase the efficiency of all section area.