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Facility Technician

Job Category:

Healthcare / Science

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Saudi Arabia

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Job Description and Qualification:

Experience: 9+ years’ experience in related work.

1- Supporting maintenance for all Avalon Sites.

2- Coordinating with supervisor local transportation to the Technician for all Avalon sites (Azizia stores, Main

MEDICO, Govt. Store, Riyadh Store, Avalon site – I, HO, etc.) by using Eng. Vehicle (Hilux) to carry required

materials/tolls for routine day to day maintenance and arranging the material for the same.

3- Arranging food and transportation to the Eng. Technician for all Avalon sites (Avalon – II and all Azizia stores)

on weekly off days as per plan and arranging the material from Eng. Store (Avalon – 1) to the site location as

and when required.

4- Supporting maintenance activity in day to day use for production/ utility machineries for major breakdown

and fulfil the quality issue.

5- Supporting team in shifting of material from one site to another.

6- Supporting ongoing project activities for Eng. material, arranging cranes, arranging cranes, forklift, outside

helper, etc.