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Saudi Arabia

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The Fitness Trainer is responsible for leading, instructing and motivating individual compound residents or groups of all ages and fitness levels in cardiovascular and strength training exercise activities. The incumbent is responsible for insuring the proper upkeep of all fitness facilities of the compound by closely coordinating efforts with the Operations and Maintenance Department. As part of the recreations team, the fitness trainer is also required to assist with various other types of recreational activities and requirements that may or may not be directly related to fitness.

  •  Create programs for personal training, fitness classes and boot camps.
  •  Demonstrate the correct way to use exercise equipment, and how to carry out various types of exercises and routines.
  •  Observe residents while exercising, intervene when incorrect techniques are observed in order to assist in minimizing injury and improve fitness.
  •  Monitor residents’ progress and adapt programs as required.
  •  Give alternative exercises during workouts or classes for different levels of fitness and skill.
  •  Provide clients with information or resources about nutrition, weight control, and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.
  •  Deliver exercise classes, workshops and fitness boot camps
  •  Administer emergency first aid if required.
  •  Ensure the gym is clean and free of health and safety hazards.
  •  Report any missing equipment and breakdowns to the Clubhouse and Services Manager.
  •  Monitor misuse of equipment.
  •  Enforce the rules and regulations of the fitness and recreational facilities of the compound.
  •  Identify equipment requirements (e.g. tennis balls, court net, racket restringing, etc.) and initiate purchasing processes accordingly.
  •  Assist the Activities Coordinator in the planning, preparation and coordination of various recreational activities, including but not limited to children’s play time on bouncy castle and/or other inflatable equipment, parties, bingo nights, fun runs, cooking demonstrations, and various types of competitions.
  • Perform any other reasonable tasks as required by the Company.

  •  Personal training and group fitness certification; preference shall be given to candidates with the most experience, certifications and First Aid training.
  •  Good verbal and written communication skills in the English language.
  •  Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work within a team environment.
  •  Solid costumer service experience and skills.
  •  Basic word processing skill to put exercise programs in writing for residents.
  •  Creativity and resourcefulness as pertaining to the development of sports and fitness programs.
  •  Fit physique, excellent grooming standards and professional appearance.