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Debug/Repair Operators

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Czech Republic

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Our Client is dedicated and trusted after market services partner of choice for leading communications, computer and consumer electronics and technology companies and have been for over 30 years. They are dedicated to continuous solutions innovation, flexibility and service quality so that our customers have access to first rate lifecycle care for their products.

Debug/Repair Operators

Candidate should perform:

                •             Diagnostic and service repairs of set-top boxes

                •             Diagnostics consisted of visual check for physical damage, disassembly, check for damaged        

                                components, incorrectly soldered joints, cold junction, incorrect polarity od components, damaged

                                route check with probe, checking correct functionality of components using wiring diagrams,

                                datasheets, thermal camera, measurement with multimeter, oscilloscope, microscope etc.

                •             After locating fault component, replace it (using soldering or hot air gun), re-solder cold junction

                                (drain out worn Stannum, solder newly) or in case of heavy damage or fault BGA component,

                                replace whole PCB.

                •             25-30 years old, Male and Female, with valid passports, medically fit, with IT degree related courses are welcome to apply. 

Candidate must come from a Semicon industry and with experienced in rework, repair, soldering works.