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Job Title Number of Positions Job Category Job Level Country Close Date
Elevator Installer 40 Skilled Qatar 26-Feb-2021
Practical Nurse 100 Professional Finland 30-Jun-2021
Quality Assurance Technologists (NU-B) 2 Professional Canada 28-Feb-2021
Truck & Trailer Mechanic (Remorques Du Nord) 4 Skilled Canada 31-Jan-2021
Sawmill Labourer (Armand Duhamel & Fils) 5 Skilled Canada 31-Jan-2021
Accounting Technician 5 Professional Canada 30-Mar-2021
Plant Engineer (NU-B) 2 Managerial Canada 18-Feb-2021
Logistics Coordinator (NU-B) 2 Managerial Canada 28-Feb-2021
Production Manager (NU-B) 2 Managerial Canada 28-Feb-2021
Maintenance Planner / Coordinator (NU-B) 2 Managerial Canada 28-Feb-2021